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Why should you maybe delete all your retweets?

Retweets are great because they allow you to support other people’s content. And a lot of people also use them to retweet themselves, which gives more exposure to your content, possibly to people in different time zones than yourself. That’s why the best Twitter growth tools offer a way to automatically retweet yourself (Tweet Hunter included). But when someone visits your profile, it looks a bit messy when half of what’s there are retweets. It doesn’t give out the impression of someone who’s really producing new and original content regularly. Also, maybe you forgot what you retweeted in the past, but someone could find something embarassing in all of that old stuff. For both these reasons, you may want to go ahead and delete all your retweets.

How to delete all your retweets?

One option is to go to and browse manually through your own feed. Simply click on the retweet icon to unretweet every single content. Of course, this is fine if what you have is a few RTs here and there. But if you’ve been retweeting content daily for many months, you’re about to spend your entire day doing this (at the very least). This is why we created this free tool for you to be able to bulk un-retweet everything you have every retweeted. All that will be left is your personal original content, which will give your Twitter profile a fresh new look and feel, much better to convince new people to become your followers. All you need to do is connect your Twitter account. We’ll list how many RT we find and you’ll be able to delete all of them, in one click. Of course we ask for your permission before we do anything, you remain in control. The reason it’s free is because we are the builders of Tweet Hunter, which is an all-in-one Twitter growth tool and our main product. We built this free tool to help out people with this issue, in the hopes that they would also discover Tweet Hunter and perhaps find it useful! But there’s no strings attached.

Once I deleted all my retweets, what should I do?

If you’ve developed an account that was mainly retweeting other people, you may find yourself without much content to show once you un-retweeted everything. And for sure that isn’t great if your goal is to get more followers on Twitter. Our recommendation is to create and post more tweets of your own on a regular basis. This will help people see the value they can get out of following you. Our tool Tweet Hunter can really help you out with that. Our AI technology can help you come up with better tweets to right, and we also offer a full set of scheduling and automating features. If you’re interested in building a quality audience on Twitter, you can easily try it for free for a full week.

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